Marriage Counselling

Our Marriage Counsellors are compassionate, experienced and knowledgeable in being able to give you a better understanding of your relationship

Relationship Counselling

Relationship counselling is extremely beneficial in helping couples learn how to relate to each other and move past road blocks

Men’s Counselling

Adelaide Counselling Practice offers counselling for adult men and young men interested in working through a specific challenge, issue or

Family Counselling

Anyone who is a parent knows that taking care of a child can be very rewarding, yet extremely difficult. Occasionally,

Abuse (Sexual & Emotional)

Abuse can be in the form of domestic violence, emotional abuse, elder abuse, neglect, sexual abuse, child abuse, or some

Drug, Alcohol & Gambling

The use of drugs, alcohol or the need to gamble may become a problem if it interferes with your day

Grief & Loss

There is no ‘right way’ way to grieve, and misconceptions about the grieving process can make the bereaved person question


Anxiety disorders are a group of illnesses, each characterised by persistent feelings of high anxiety. These are feelings of continual


The term ‘clinical depression’ describes not just one illness but a group of illnesses characterised by excessive or long-term depressed