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Our team of highly qualified counsellors and psychotherapists offer services in Adelaide & the CBD and are available during working hours, after hours & on weekends. We can even organise counselling in your home (up to 25kms from the Adelaide CBD), or, alternatively, we can deliver counselling session via Skype, Telephone or arrange counselling at your workplace (up to 20kms from the Adelaide CBD).

Silvana Forlini

Psychotherapist MCouns, Grad.Dip.Art Hist., BA., Cert. IV T&A M.A.C.A. Level 1, Appointments available in Spanish Silvana is a Psychotherapist who holds a Master’s degree in Counselling Practice. She incorporates a range of therapies according to her clients’ needs and strengths. Silvana uses a flexible and friendly approach to assist clients in identifying their values and in setting realistic and achievable life changing goals.

James Bell

Psychotherapist BA Psych. MCouns.Psych. M.A.C.A Level 2 James is a Psychotherapist who holds a Master’s degree in Counselling & Psychotherapy. He is focused on developing a strong collaborative relationship with clients that helps in achieving their goals. James is passionate about assisting people to live the valued life they desire while overcoming its many barriers.

Jazmine Duncan

Therapist Dip.Prof.Couns. (General), (Depression & Anxiety), (Parenting & Early Childhood), (Abuse), (Relationship) & (Grief & Loss) M.A.C.A Level 1 S.A.P.C. Jazmine has been with the company since 2014. She has skills in all therapies and has dealt with clients from all backgrounds and walks of life. With her coaching sessions she can help you unlock your full potential and exert your power of choice to help deal with whatever life throws at you.

Magrieta Rodel

Therapist Dip.Prof.Couns. (General), M.A.C.A, (Stress, Anxiety & Depression), (Sexuality), (Partnerships), (Marriage & Family), (Youth), (Substance abuse), (Gambling), (Death & Bereavement), (Workplace) Maggie, a registered counsellor, has been with Adelaide Counselling Practice for six years. She is passionate about helping people realise their full potential in life as individuals, in relationships and within society. Maggie’s preferred form of treatment is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy but blends therapies to maximise the benefits for clients.

Bob van Bruinessen

Practice Manager

Aaron Howard

Psychotherapist BA Psych. Science Voc. Grad. Cert. Grief & Loss Dip.Prof.Couns. (General), (Depression & Anxiety), (Relationship), M.A.C.A Level 2 Aaron Howard, a qualified, experienced and registered counsellor, is a Veteran with 13 years’ experience in the Australian Army. He became a professional counsellor in 2009, specialising in grief and loss. He adopts a client centred approach and utilises evidence-based interventions whilst working collaboratively with clients.

About us

The Adelaide Counselling Practice started in 2007 and it was set up by the late Kayla van Bruinessen. Her husband, Bob van Bruinessen, soon joined and the practice began to grow Over the years, we have continued our commitment to offering high quality counselling services to all our clients. Our aim has been to help make positive changes in people’s lives and to provide them with education & support. We have helped thousands of people in Adelaide since our beginnings in 2007 and we look forward to continuing to support and assist our current and future clients to help them to reach new heights with their mental health and overall well-being.

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$120 per hour flat rate fee for individual counselling & $140 an hour for Couples & Families, at an ACP office location, your residence, your office location or Telephone & Skype counselling, 7 days a week.


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