Employment Assist Programs

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Employment Assist Programs

“Helping businesses to protect the wellbeing of their staff” Adelaide Counselling Practice is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all employees. As part of this commitment, we recognise the need for staff to have access to an Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) to assist staff who may be experiencing personal or work related problems.

Working closely with small, medium and large businesses, ACP has acquired specialist understanding of what those businesses value and require from an EAP. We understand that from an employee perspective, your EAP needs to have visibility, be easy to access and most of all provide high quality counselling and support at convenient times and locations.

access eap adelaide

Why Choose Us

We demonstrate the utmost care as we support and counsel people through the joys, challenges and tragedies that mark our work/life journey. Our people are the highest calibre in the industry and respect the impact the work we do has on the lives of others. Our services use robust methodologies based on a variety of research models.

ACP provides support and counselling for employees so they can navigate the challenges that are part of the normal work and life journey. Our qualified, professional team has extensive experience in dealing with issues in a sensitive and supportive manner.

ACP has a structured, short term, solution-focused approach to assist individuals to enhance their emotional, physical and financial wellbeing.

Common problems which occur frequently are:

Depression may occur some months after an employee has experienced a bereavement of someone close to him or her. Anxiety may pervade all aspects of a person’s life on hearing that redundancies are to be made. Anger may be evident in an employee who has received a poor performance appraisal.

An employee who exhibits a pattern of strange behaviour, may be exhibiting signs of an alcohol problem.

A person who is irritable and moody with colleagues may be experiencing relationship difficulties at home. Periods of sickness which fall into a regular pattern may be associated with specific and recurring aspects in the person’s job which are stressful and with which he or she cannot cope, for example, departmental meetings, presentations, deadlines.

At Adelaide Counselling Practice we are able to work with your organisation and provide employee counselling services to suit your requirements.

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